How do you measure success?

In calories burned, in fitness goals achieved, in connections made?

At LIV, we challenge you to redefine success, to reinvent fun, to rediscover yourself. Focus on your me time. Feel inspired. Sweat through the pleasure and have a blast doing it. We are obsessed with making fitness fun. Because we’re not just revolutionizing your workout—we’re revolutionizing your life. And we’ll motivate you dutifully. To push harder, conquer more, dance lighter, aim higher, transform faster, laugh louder. Check yourself out—you make it look good. You’re here today to LIV your purpose. So, go. Face fears. Break barriers. Create a movement. Flirt with the impossible.

Then make it a reality.We downward-dog dare you.

This is your life. How do you want to LIV it?

Luxuriate. Ignite. Vindicate

At LIV, we push the envelope so you can push yourself. Our legacy derives from offering a life-changing workout experience in an amenity-rich atmosphere.

At its core, LIV Fitness Clubs boasts a robust and cutting-edge Group Fitness program led by the most elite group fitness team; proprietary Personal Training Program with expertly customized service; and personally invested staff.

What has chiseled LIV Fitness Clubs into the healthy addiction it’s become is its kick-ass combination of exhilarating endorphin-releasing fitness, passionate people and a designer-inspired setting (think glittering crystal chandeliers and elegant fresh-cut flowers amongst a million lavish details throughout). Like you, the LIV experience is chicly unique.

But we’re not just about setting trends. We innovate to motivate, and to inspire greatness in you so that you can inspire greatness in others.

At LIV, we want to get you pumped up. We make fitness fun so you don’t have to worry about it. Too tired to change for your pre-work workout? Roll into our 5am spin class in your PJs (you won’t be the only one, trust us). Or put a little booty pop in your Booty Barre Class to lift your spirits. And that’s just a taste.

By creating a sophisticated sanctuary where getting fit feels exciting and sexy, LIV has come to mean more to its members than just a workout. LIV is a lifestyle, a daily destination, a swanky refuge, an adult playground, an extended family, a cherished community.

It’s how we LIV. Join us.


You’ve arrived. For a rock-star LIV experience, honor the below for harmonious LIV-ing. You’ve arrived. For a rock-star LIV experience, honor the below for harmonious LIV-ing.

  • 1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Dish it out how you’d like to receive it and keep the peace. If you have a grievance, please see one of our very happy and helpful staff members.

    a. Precious personables – Play it safe with your valuables and lock ‘em up for the duration of your workout. Gotta take ‘em home with you though, they’ll get lonely (or tossed out after closing).
    b. Shower sharing – Rub a dub dub all you want, but please be considerate of others who might need to lather up and keep your shower time to a minimum.
  • 3. GYM GEAR

    You want to look haute when you get hot. We’re with you. Just make sure your fitness fashion is appropriate and smells as sexy as it looks.

    Don’t text and train. Your thumbs need a rest. Put down the phone and grab a bike handle. And while you’re at it, no talking on the cell. (However, if you want to shout us out on social media post-class, cool. We’re @LIVFitnessClubs. And use a flattering filter that makes us all look good. Thanks.)

    It’s hard for others to get their Om on when you’re loudly buzzing about on your mat. Resume the chitchat after Savasana.

    We love to see you get your sweat on, but other guests might not feel the same. Mind the wet with a towel. (Need some extra absorption? Towel service is available at the front desk.)

    Once you’ve had your way with the equipment, yoga mats and bikes, give them a once-over and wipe them down. It was as good for them as it was for you.
  • 8. RACK TO IT

    While we’re definitely here to support you, but we’re not exactly here to pick up after you. Master one more rep and rack those weights after you’ve pumped your iron.

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. But keep it capped if you’re H2O-ing on the floor.

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The wide selection of spinning classes offers members
of all expertise levels to challenge their mind and body.
Pump up your heart! Classes are offered from levels
1-3. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, training
for a marathon or at a beginner level, spin is for
anyone with a sweat wish.



Be part of a movement! Bring meaning into your life with
these new genre classes that innovate and reenergize
your mental and spiritual state.



Take a journey of the mind by diversifying your yoga techniques;
classes include Ashtanga, Vinyassa, Power Yoga and Hot Yoga.
Sweat and soar with your breath for total enlightenment of the



Whether you’re an athlete or a cardio novice, training for your Ski trip to Veil
or working on your backhand, we have over 20 sport specific classes that are
sure to get you mind, body, and strength ready for your next big challenge.



Derived from the fundamentals of Joseph Pilates, this
fitness classic will have you strengthening and
lengthening with moves burning from the core out; and
like all things luxurious, this class places quality over
quantity to maximize the scope of physical
improvements including posture, agility, and flexibility.



We want you to get crazy, get loud and let LIV’s most pumped up classes
motivate you to push your body past its limits, and bump your fitness level
a step higher.



These are not for the faint of heart, our cardio classes
combine dance, acrobatics and fight techniques in a
swirling frenzy putting your body on a cardiovascular
roller coaster.



We have your dream booty! It’s waiting for you at the bar; the ballet bar that is. Get the
toned tush of a prima ballerina and the strength of a Pilates buff in this fluid blend of
fitness paradigms. Feel your muscle fibers sing as you piqué, plié, and increase total-body



LIV’s Personal Training Program is a proprietary
in-house program where trainers undergo an in-house
certification process prior to being allowed to train
clients. Additionally, LIV’s Personal Training
Management team hosts a MANDATORY TEAM
every Friday, where trainers are forced to undergo a
grueling workout and 2 hour class to ensure that all
LIV trainers are both up-to-date with the latest
workouts and are able to practice what they teach.




    If you think you can keep up with Amarili's skills, more power to you! Amarilis is a tough cookie, she teaches one of the toughest classes at LIV; Combat Insanity which consists of jabs, punches, kicks; this full throttle combat class will keep you pumped!


    Andrea’s tush-toning career as a fitness instructor began in 2006. Seven years and one lean body later, Andrea is a registered yoga teacher, STOTT Pilates® instructor certified in Mat Pilates and Reformer, and a Booty Barre instructor. For members looking to tone and lift for a booty-licious butt will LIV for her Mat Pilates and Booty Barre classes.

    Her words to LIV by: "Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most" - Buddha


    Toning and sculpting is Angela's art and LIV members' bodies are her canvas. This certified Mat Pilates instructor brings five years of experience to the team, including her comprehensive training in various forms of the muscle-leaning Pilates workout, such as chair, ladder barrel, reformer and cadillac. Her popular Mat Pilates class at LIV uniformly develops the body, correcting posture, strengthening the core, and restoring physical vitality while invigorating the mind and spirit.


    Antonio has been a LIV-er since LIV-ing was cool (that is, from the beginning). He has been a Mad Dogg Athletics certified spinning instructor since 2006, and his LIV cycling classes are hours of fun, energetic, and athletic cardiovascular exercise —the ultimate calorie killers. LIV the experience and join Antonio for one of his pumped-up rides during the week.


    With a decade of body-shaping, mood-lifting, life-changing fitness instructor experience, Arnaldo brings an expertise and an attitude to LIV that motivates his class members. Over the years, the dedicated spin instructor has garnered many certifications in his cycling field from Keiser and Puerto Rico's Departamento de Recreación y Deportes. Arnaldo gets members' wheels spinning and hearts racing in various breathe-through-the-burn spinning classes, like LIV the Ride, Vicious Cycle, Studio Cycling, Intensity Cycle. 

    His words to LIV by:  "NEVER GIVE UP."


    Brenda strengthens the willpower of her students in LIV’s WillPower & Grace instructor. Brenda has been working on her willpower since 2008, as a trainer, development coach and Spanish-speaking Ambassador for the WillPower Method. Since joining LIV in 2012, Brenda has been an inspiration to those who work with her, focusing her fitness coach abilities on mindful-functional movement.

  • EDIE

    Eddie helps LIV-ers bump, set, and spike their way to better health. A certified volleyball coach in three levels by the Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation, Eddie applies his on-court leadership skills to every off-court evaluation and training program he creates. In addition to his team sport experience, Eddie is a certified personal trainer, including certificates in aerobics and water aerobics, fitness and recreation. With extensive experience in health and wellness, Eddie is well-versed in evaluating a client’s progress, whether it be for recovery or general exercise.

    His words to LIV by: Believe in God Almighty and in love, faith and hope for a harmonious and healthy society.


    Eugenie takes a mind-body-soul approach to health and fitness. For her, the goal with each client is to promote quality of life and the conduct necessary to maintain an active lifestyle through the duration of a lifetime. Eugenie focuses on the development of physical fitness to achieve body-improvement objectives: aerobic fitness, flexibility, muscular endurance, strength and body composition. She can also take you to the next level, and focus on agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and speed.

  • EVA

    Blending mind, body and soul, Eva has been teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga for more than seven years while integrating a unique knowledge base from her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology. Finding that both disciplines are deeply connected, her classes focus on both strength and flexibility, while leaving the body re-energized and the mind calm.

  • IVAN

    With a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Ivan has clocked more than 200 hours of hands-on experience working with special needs individuals, including cancer patients, older adults and diabetics. At LIV, Ivan’s specialties include weight loss, functional training, tennis techniques and triathlon training. Ivan is working his way to a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of Puerto Rico.

    His words to LIV by: The accomplishment of a goal is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price; think you’re ready to pay the price to achieve your goals?


    LIV's superstar instructor, Jackie, has clocked in more than 25 years of experience in the fitness industry and is considered a pioneer in her field. The certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor has had the pleasure of training celebrities in the entertainment and political arenas, and is now the Fitness Director of Ms. Universe Puerto Rico. As a Master Trainer for Flexi-Sports, Jackie travels the U.S. and Latin America leading workshops for Xco Trainer and Flexi-Bar and certifying future instructors. Jackie is a proud mother of five, and her great passion in life is helping women truly LIV and achieve permanent changes in their lifestyles through motivation and a disciplined exercise program. 


    Teaching TRX at LIV is just one of the many fitness activities Jonathan LIVs for. This certified instructor and trainer has more than 12 years of experience getting others excited about extreme exercise. When he’s not using resistance to work out muscles in TRX, Jonathan is surfing, dirt biking, snowboarding, skating, fitness training, cross training, suspension training, and helping others—it’s part of his constant pursuit of happiness.

    His words to LIV by: "Begin with motivation then let discipline and will take over.”


    As intense in the boardroom as she is in the bike room, Karla is a corporate attorney, spinning instructor and marathon runner. This triple-threat started turning her wheels as a spinning instructor in 2006 and joined LIV Fitness Clubs Condado in October 2012. If she can’t get you moving, no one can.


    Katerina’s expert focus on perfect and proper technique and curated workout programs gets her clients the best shape of their lives. She worked tirelessly to become certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the USA Powerlifting Federation so she can deliver spot-on training to her clients.

    Her words to LIV by:
    “Focus on proper technique and programming that will get you into the best shape of your life!!”


    By day, Larry helps the public with their legal issues as an attorney-at-law and notary public. After the 9-to-5, Larry helps LIV members get their endurance up as a certified spinning instructor. Since 1997, Larry has pushed riders past their boundaries in more than 3,000 endorphin-releasing spinning classes and 150 Body Pump sessions.

    His words to LIV by: “I am really LIV'ing it up and loving it at LIV where it has been my true honor to offer my classes since September 2012. BOOM!!!"


    There’s not a body Lauren can’t masterfully manhandle. With her athletic assessments, Lauren writes expert exercise prescriptions to help her clients achieve any fitness goal, from weight loss to body sculpting and bodybuilding. Her comprehensive focus/expertise includes general and special populations (hypertensive, diabetic, cardiac, osteoporotic, obesity, etc.), preventative training, post-injury and post-surgery training, balance, flexibility and coordination. And she’s a smart cookie. In 2009, Lauren graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology and a concentration in Strength & Conditioning.

    Her words to LIV by:
    “The body achieves what the mind believes.” And “The first wealth is health.”


    Leonel, the LIV spinning instructor, is motivated to motivate others because of his personal triumphs in fitness. Leonel personally lost 85 pounds by cycling and he LIVs to help others be healthy and look good. Although he works full-time as a Financial Director, spinning is his passion and loves bragging about the health benefits—stress relief, increases health, keeps people in shape and more.

    His words to LIV by: “Turning bad habits to a healthy lifestyle is a challenge that everybody can meet with spinning.”


    Lizbeth has been an athlete since high school; racing in the track and field, volleyball and all time champion in long jump. She brings her expertise skills to LIV, teaching spinning, Willpower and Grace, TRX and Zumba! Her words to LIV by: You can reach whatever you need


    Hailing from Humacao, P.R., Luisín has created an influential career as an actor, dancer, entertainer, comedian, recreationist and fitness instructor. As a lover of the arts, Luisín hopes to bring joy, knowledge and entertainment to every person and class member he comes in contact with, transforming lives with positive energy. Drawing on his degrees in drama and recreation from the University of Puerto Rico, Luisín infuses his high-energy Zumba classes with his five years of Zumba experience and his masterful movement and captivating smile.

    His words to LIV by: "The satisfaction is my greatest motivation"


    Mara, LIV's master yogi, has spent more than 500 training hours and 10 years of practice on her mat. As a registered yoga teacher, certified yoga instructor and aspiring Kundalini instructor who is registered with Yoga Alliance and is a member of the International Yoga Teachers Association, Mara's healing approach to her students creates a transcendental experience under her instruction. In her Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga classes, she compassionately leads members through body-mending and mind-boosting sequences, focusing on breathing through the poses. 

    Her words to LIV by:
     "Rejuvenate, vitalize, and empower the mind-body-soul through Yoga."


    After 25 years toning and sculpting the health and physiques of many, Marie has become certified in almost every aspect of professional fitness, from Zumba to Flexibar. Join her in her spinning and TRX classes to learn her expert techniques for blasting calories, increasing endurance and boosting overall health.

    Her words to LIV by: I work hard today to kill you tomorrow.


    Nadia is LIV’s veteran fitness instructor, and rocks the house each week at her popular and energy-filled Zumba classes. Nadia has a lot to teach, as she’s been in the fitness industry for 30 years, starting off her fruitful career as an aerobics teacher.


    Natalia grew up on pointe, and attended the School of American Ballet in New York City at the age of fifteen on full scholarship. Natalia went on to perform with the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, Washington before retiring as a dancer. In retirement, Natalia pursued her newfound interest in Pilates, earning her instructor certification from Stott Pilates. You can catch her in many of Stott Pilates’ consumer and professional DVD series, and at Pilates fitness conventions around the United States. At LIV, Natalia sculpts the perfect butt in her Booty Barre® classes, a cult-favorite combination of Pilates and dance. When she’s not LIV-ing it up, Natalia travels throughout the U.S. and Europe as a master trainer for the Booty Barre® method, certifying other instructors in the fitness industry.


    Rafael got fitness frenzy at a young age. He graduated from Therapeutic Athletic at 24, and now specializes in injury prevention, detection, management and rehabilitation. He LIVs to push clients past of their comfort zone for real results.

    His words to LIV by:
    “If you have time for Facebook, you have time for a workout” and “If you are in your comfort zone, you are still warming up.”

  • RAUL

    Raul hails from a long line of professional athletes—both his father and grandfather were profesfesional baseball players, and his family roots even extend to great baseball legend Roberto Clemente. With athleticism in his DNA, Raul found his sport in basketball and fitness training. Raul has created a passion for weight training and fitness, and draws on his personal experience and expertise to develop both phsyical and self confidence in his clients.


    Richard has been around the body-moving block. His extensive fitness career history includes 12 years at luxury fitness centers, including stints at Equinox and New York Sports Clubs. He LIVs to work with clients to help make their goals a reality, because for him, it’s powerful stuff.

    His words to LIV by: “Let me show you how through hard work, you too can also take your life to a whole new level; an impact so life-changing that you will be thanking yourself for the rest of your life.”


    Our rocking trainer Rossana is certified to make members sweat with a focus in core exercise, which means she works abs into mid-drift-baring shape. Rossana comes to LIV with 3 years of training experience and a lot of life. She's committed to providing members with expert guidance by drawing on her experience in the field and her certification in nutrition. Her goal: To change and modify each LIV-er's lifestyle to optimize a healthy body and state of mind.


    One part-time gym job was all it took for Viviana to fall in love with fitness. After dancing professionally for 10 years, Viviana is an experienced personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Her booty-shaking background is in jazz, hip-hop, ballet and modern dance, and those killer moves are still a big influence in her group fitness classes.

    Her words to LIV by: “It is my belief that we all have an inner athlete that's just waiting to be unleashed. Everyone has the potential to accomplish his or her fitness goals. You just have to want it with heart and mind!! Remember, you get out of it what you put into it. There is no such thing as ‘I can't.’ YOU CAN!!! And we'll get there together as a team.”


    In his 22 years of experience, William has been awarded many professional certifications, from ACE to AFAA and indoor cycling. Today, his passion LIVs in dance. One hour with William in his Zumba class and members will be moved by his sizzling salsa and hip-moving merengue steps.

    His words to LIV by: Above all, enjoy!