About Us

When you combine world-class clubs, an elite educated fitness team led by passion and dedication to results and a space that will inspire and awaken all your senses?!  A very buzzworthy club that will challenge your core and awaken versions of yourself you never thought were possible!

Our cutting edge buzz-worthy clubs offers the most elite personal training team and sought after group fitness program in Puerto Rico. A world class club that houses the most dynamic fitness team on the island, our results-oriented program includes over 120 classes a week. What makes our team the best?! Constant education, our instructors, and trainers are always evolving through our ongoing education program – we constantly bring in celebrity coaches to inspire and teach cutting edge fitness modalities to keep our members pushing their limits. Long gone are the days members had to travel to NY to find the latest and greatest, it’s now in your backyard!

With a constantly evolving program, we bring you the best workouts in town! Enjoy classes in one of our 4 beautiful studios, lush complimentary towels, eucalyptus-infused steam rooms, state of the art equipment, cutting edge facilities, juice bar, complimentary parking and kids club, 5-star hotel like member service, and an energy pumping environment that will get you through any workout.

Our elite fitness team is dedicated to your results and committed to coach you through the process and guide you to reach new heights. You put in the work, we’ve got the rest!